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Oil on Canvas

Byron is perhaps best known for his work in oil on canvas, particularly in large formats (over 6 feet by side)

The first stage of the pictorial work of Byron Gálvez was first fed by expressionism, and mainly by abstract expressionism, though with strong influence from universal artists, such as Carlos Merida, Rufino Tamayo, Santos Balmori, Kandinsky, Wilfredo Lam and of course Picasso, but perhaps equally as important is the technical and pictoric influence of classical painters such as Rembrandt and Caravaggio.

These first works of Byron Gálvez bring us to attributes which would become fundamental and decisive in all of his work: of course, his technical ability, his unusual capacity in working with volumes and cold colors, his rebellious temperament in confronting a reality which pretends to unify mankind with blank slates and orthodoxies, his knowledge of the manipulation of planes and his qualities as a colorist

After some time working as an expressionist, Byron comes back definitively to geometric figurativism around 1980 when he holds his exhibit titled "Woman" at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City. This has been his almost exclusive theme since, though we can also see some side trips to other topics, back to abstraction, to expressionist landscape, erotic art, bullfighting: all of course with his unique and special touch

In his oils lives a celebration of life: figures dance and live in an ongoing party, sometimes erotic, others more innocent. Chiaroscuro (a technique Byron borrows from Rembrandt) illuminates and frames this celebration, this theatrical work.

We can be sure that the exploration of Byron Gálvez in this media is not yet complete. And that his figures, planes, colors, textures and compositions will remain there: ready to stimulate our imagination, delight our sights and elevate our spirit.