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Eva Beloglovksy

It is hard to imagine what the life and work of Byron would be without the existance and assistance of Eva. Relentless, tireless, constantly inventing and reinventing new and ever exciting projects. Eva has that hard the hard to find qualities of an accomplished art expert and an amazing sales and marketing person. Eva and Byron have created a partnership seldom seen in the art-world.

Eva started working with art and artists in the early seventies, growing as an art dealer. She met Byron for the first time in 1973, but it was only two years later that, falling in love with a painting, she bought a first canvas for herself, and within the week sold two others. That was the beggining of a very successful working relationship between them, a success only matched in strength and passion by its later romantic side.

Together, Byron and Eva have traveled the world, in exihibits and as learning experiences. Their projects together have ranged from exhibits, multi-media presentations, charity benefits, and quite a few commercial ventures.

Eva currently resides with Byron in Mexico City, where she is director of the Art-Forum gallery, which she founded in 1981. She will soon begin work as director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Pachuca, Hidalgo.